What happened to me?

Has it been almost three years since my last blog post 🤦‍♂️?

Up until the very beginning of 2016 i was mostly doing .Net Development using frameworks such as Microsoft WebAPI, Microsoft ASP.NET MVC. But years before that, an itch developed.

Around 2012 my interest grew into dynamic languages and i started to experiment and play with Ruby. If i look back, i think it was mostly the fact that it felt so weird to lay a typed contract over a dynamic format like JSON.

On the other hand our codebases started to grow on the client side. We were using frameworks like JQuery and JQuery.Ui to make things more ux friendly. In the end it looked like we had to create a controller in Javascript to keep it well structured.

In the beginning of 2016 i got the opportunity to become lead of a new project for a client. The choice was made to build it entirely using Javascript, by using Angular.JS for the frontend and NODE.JS for backend.

I never looked back, now my preferred stack is React.JS and Node.JS on the back-end and decided to pick up blogging again!