What does it mean to be agile?

According to the thesaurus, agile or agility, is a term to describe ease of movement. It can consist out of speed, flexibility or quick thinking.

When we use the term Agile in software development, we think of all the buzzwords surrounding it: Scrum, closure, startup, iteration, standup, retrospective …

But is it truly enough to know all those technical terms and iterate the same process over and over again?

  • Every x week(s) (iteration), closure and startup
  • Every day a standup
  • Once in a month a retrospective

Does your daily standup sounds like this: “Yesterday, i did task x, today I’ll continue on this…”

Is your closure/startup taking up hours or even days and exhausting you?

Does your retrospective reminds you of laying on a sofa while your shrink asks you how you feel?

All of these techniques are profound and can help your team to become agile, but why is it not working or just not feeling right?
Because somewhere along the way, Agile lost his agility. It became a mantra we do without even thinking about the really important concepts underneath.

The basic concepts are communication, collaboration, growth/evolution and the ability to adapt quickly to a situation!

If Agile does not seem to fit your team, allow it to grow, evolve. So it may gain back its agility and maybe then, your team can reach his full potential.