Why didn't i take the blue pill ?

Half a decade ago, my interest began to grow for Test Driven Development. After some research i stumbled my way into the wonderful world of NUnit.

After one year of experimenting with TDD, i began to grasp that the last D in TDD should have been standing for “Design“ and not for “Development“. As creating testable classes means making use of dependency injection in some way, making classes that do only one thing and do it great,…

But wait isn’t that the SOLID Design principle?

After that i took a leap into ORM, because i was tired of repeating myself, and writing the same “SELECT x,y,z FROM TableX” over and over again. Got introduced into NHibernate, as for the time being it was the only existing ORM and it enabled me to use JAVA tech’s as a reference.

After that i started reading about Domain Driven Design and later on Command Query Separation.

And now about 3 years later, i begin to wonder, wouldn’t i have been a happier person if i didn’t learn about all of this. Because the only thing i see people do is :

  • Methods with an average of 300 lines of code
  • Grouping those methods in classes with an average 2k lines of code
  • Making “domain models” that are bound to the table design with no behavior in them only get/set properties
  • Making classes/methods that have so many responsibilities that they hide the implementation
  • Not separating business logic from infrastructure code

And when it’s all in place trying to apply TDD to it.

So it makes me wonder …