Last updated on May 6, 2015. Created on October 21, 2011.

My interest in typing letters on a keyboard that can be interpreted by a compiler started very young. It all began when i got my first PC from my parents, back in the days they called it a Home Computer, a Texas Instruments with some sort of prehistoric OS on it.

It started by just typing over TI-BASIC from the manual, supplied with the Home Computer. After typing over about 3000 lines of code, the code usually had some sort of syntax error in it. So i tried to understand the code that i had typed over.

This Home Computer stopped working when i fried the motherboard by running the following code:

100 CALL SOUND(5000)

Apparently the maximum range of the sound frequency was around 3500, i always suspected that as being the reason my first Home Computer died.

After a moment of weakness and misdirection, taking psychology as a mayor, i was given the opportunity to start as a part-time VBA-Developer in Access 97. After 1 month of trial period, i quickly got promoted to a full time VBA-Developer. Here was i introduced into Microsoft Sql Server 7.0, which was not all that wonderful, until version 2000 came to the rescue.

After that i got myself a new job and started doing maintenance of NT4 networks. But as the coding itch remained, i convinced my boss to let me do coding again this time in VB6. After doing that for about one year, .NET 1.0 reached Belgium as the replacement. Got a simple conversion course for a week, and started coding in VB.NET.

After about 3 years, i started to work for consultancy companies and got bitten by C#.


  • Test Driven Development
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Command Query Separation
  • General Coding style (Clean Code)
  • Refactoring