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Passionate .NET/Node Developer, Team Leader, living in Belgium

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I’ve just finished converting my blog into a github hosted blog, powered by Jekyll.

Originally my blog was hosted by blogspot, but as it lacked features so i moved to Wordpress. At first i loved the features it offered:

  • Clear statistics
  • Easy wisiwig
  • Akismet comment filter

But the thing that made me rage-quit is how it manages code snippets. I was spending hours on just formatting code, just to see wordpress converting it to html again. I usually blog about code so for me that was a no-go.

I tried different approaches like:

  • LiveWriter
  • Browser plugins

Some surrounded code with DIV’s others did not. The thing that almost got me satisfied was just using gist links. But then again changing text here and code there just was not sufficient for me.

I started looking into Jekyll (Octopress) and was amazed by it’s ease of use and out of the box functionality. Now i can focus on what really matters, writing blog posts, simply in markdown format and hosted by github!

Some of the interesting features:

  • Ruby powered (Yes, I am a hipster/geek)
  • Google analytics integration
  • Social Media (Delicious, twitter, github, …)
  • Disqus integration
  • Everything can be adjusted to your needs

Stay tuned for more posts coming up!