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How to embed an image into an EPL label

Our current project, has the ability to generate and combine EPL labels from different sources. One of the scenarios required to embed an image (png) into a ...

Don't mock yourself

We use mock’s, stubs or fakes when writing tests, mostly using a mocking framework of choice (Moq, RhinoMocks, NSubstitute).


Zenini not just any vegetable

Sometimes we, developers, tend to have an itch. When i saw that there was a new kid in town (AppVeyor) that does free open source continuous integration, i j...

Using git as subversion client

Almost a decade ago, a company I worked for, started using Subversion which was a great step forward coming from Visual Source Safe.

Who is reading your tests?

As the entire “TDD is dead” revolte is taking place, let’s not talk about the importance of tests nor about the difference between integration, unit and load...

Hitchhiker's guide to Sql Server

More and more people are taking the ‘There is no database’ statement to it’s limit, i think it’s time to share some insights into how we could let SQLServer ...

Javascript by convention

Usually when doing javascript, you’ll see a lot of script inside a page. For instance when we add a datapicker on a text input, you could add a script block ...


Who manages the transaction?

In my last post we talked about letting our container manage our ISession lifetime. Immediatly after publishing this post, i’ve got a lot of reactions consid...

I let you know that something happened

How do you handle follow-up actions of important things that happened in your code? For instance when a new user registered on your site you need to send him...

I command you

Today we are going to talk about CQS (Command Query Separation). In this blog post i will focus on the command part. Commands are simple objects that instruc...

XP Teams: Tips and pitfalls

There is an ‘I’ in Silence If all team members seem very occupied and don’t say a word except maybe on your daily stand-up meetings, then you probably don’t ...


Welcome to the Agilean Era

The illusion After trying waterfall for many years, many companies started some form of agile project management. They searched for project managers/scrum ma...

What does it mean to be agile?

According to the thesaurus, agile or agility, is a term to describe ease of movement. It can consist out of speed, flexibility or quick thinking.

Showdown: MsTest Vs NUnit

More and more businesses these days seem to understand the value of unit-tests.  They want a safety net to protect their software investment.

Take control of your configuration

Using configuration values can sometimes be hard to get a SUT thoroughly tested. Especially when you have behavior tied to those configuration values.


FluentMigrator Part II

As a result of my previous post of FluentMigrator, i thought publishing a follow-up article would be a great idea.  Meanwhile I joined the team of FluentMigr...

DateTime.Now, the test-driven paradox

Although i know already a lot has been written about this dilemma, i never saw a good and descriptive enough solution to this problem. Let’s first start by s...

Entities vs Value objects

I know this is a very popular topic in “Domain Driven Design” fora’s, but still most of the definitions still remain vague. As these are the two corner stone...

Micro-classes as building blocks

I am pretty sure that everyone already used a micro-class in code. Everytime you use a static class that contains only constants, you are using a micro-class...

Why didn't i take the blue pill ?

Half a decade ago, my interest began to grow for Test Driven Development. After some research i stumbled my way into the wonderful world of NUnit.